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Accommodation in Goa is plentiful with a variety of hotels, resorts and guest houses to suit every budget and every taste. There are simple and bare rooms available for the thriftiest of back-packers and five-star deluxe luxury suites for those that want to indulge their fancies.

Almost all round the year, travellers are usually assured of finding a room - if not in a hotel, then at least in a private house. However, come the peak season of December and January, you are likely to experience problems, unless you book your rooms well in advance.

Just around Christmas until the dawn of the new year, Goa is in festive mood and plays host to hundreds and thousands of visitors from all over India and around the world. So accommodation is at a premium everywhere.

Who is Dr Vijay Mallya

Dr Vijay Mallya was elected to India's Upper House of Parliament in 2002 and again in 2010 as an Independent MP representing his home state of Karnataka.During his first term in Parliament, Dr Mallya served on the Parliamentary committees on Civil Aviation, Defence and Industry.As an MP, he travelled extensively through all the districts of Karnataka in his political capacity, meeting the District Commissioners and senior leaders to understand the special nature of the people's problems. His Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) funds were used extensively across the state to build roads, schools, community centres and public infrastructure. See full break up of MP FUNDS here.He is noted for his successful bidding in auction of items that are considered of great cultural value to India. In the year 2004, he placed the winning bid for the famous sword of Tipu Sultan and brought it back to India. Therefater, he also purchased several other effects belonging to Tipu Sultan including a cannon, weapons and personal items. In 2009, he bid for the belongings of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Goan Entertainment & Recreation

Although Goa was made famous for its encouraging attitude towards doing nothing more than lounge by the beach, it's startling just how much else there is to do.

Whether it's at the break of the dawn or dusk, midnight or noon, there is no end of fun and frolic in Goa. The state is plushed with variety of options for the amusement of tourists. If one is longing for a drink check out the pubs and bars situated at all the beach sides and major cities. Or just hangout at the local shacks on the beach any time of the day and enjoy the oceanic panorama.

Those who want to boogie in style, then Goa is a bliss for nightclubs and discothèques. Goa is also home to a number of Casinos and also to Caravela - the only offshore casino located on a ship in India.

A popular alternative to watching the sunset from a beach bar - at least for most Indian tourists - is an evening River Cruise along the Mandovi from Panjim. Snacks and drinks are available, and the price includes a display of Konkani and Portuguese dance accompanied by folk singers in traditional Goan costume, and sometimes a live Hindi cover band.

Nightlife in Goa is exciting and there are many ways to liven up the evening. Goans enjoy going out and it is not unusual to find families out for a night of merriment.

In certain areas, almost every third house has a bar-cum-restaurant. The place may not be anything special, usually just a room in the house that has been opened to the public with a couple of chairs and a table. But the atmosphere is great - totally relaxing and extremely conducive to an enjoyable night out with friends and family.

Most of the places serve exquisite seafood and other Goan delicacies and have well stocked bars. But if you are in the mood to dance to the rhythm of the ocean, get together a group of our friends, some food and drink and hit the beach. You are sure to have a special night - the sand the moon and the pounding waves!

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